Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finding Storage Auctions

Finding storage facilities that auction abandon and foreclosed storage units is the first key to going to storage auctions. Let’s face it, if you don’t know where an auction is how will you be able to attend. Here we will look at several outlets one has toward locating storage facilities.

Newspapers: In most areas of the United States a storage facility must notify the public the location, time and date of abandoned and foreclosed storage units. These facilities use local newspapers for such public notifications. These notifications are usually located in the legal section of classified ads.

Internet: A good place to start your search using the internet is a site called . At you can set the distance you are willing to travel. Menus within their search fields have several types of auction formats to choose from. The dates will be displayed. Clicking on an active date will show the auctions, dates and locations.auctionzip

Telephone: Contacting storage facilities via a telephone is yet another good way to locate storage auctions. You can use your local telephone directory to find storage facilities within your area. The managers can advise you as to when they expect to hold auctions at their facilities. In some cases the facility manager will be the actual auctioneer for the facility. In some cases the manager will put you on a contact list to be notified of up coming auctions.

The Hard Way: The hard way requires you to get out of your chair and actually visit the storage facilities you are willing to travel to. Personal contact is the very best means of finding where auctions will be held. You will find that there are storage facilities that hold auctions once a year and others that have auctions as soon as the unit is foreclosed on. Getting to know the managers of the storage facilities within your area has it’s benefits. A bond of trust can quickly develop and these managers in turn may offer to waive any cleanout fees required upon winning a bid on their storage units. These managers may even offer you the contents of storage units that were left behind by previous renters. 


Happy hunting…..

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Elaine said...

did your own storage unit finally get emptied? did the tables etc sell? have a super rest of week