Thursday, December 1, 2011

Storage Auctions - Glamour Removed

Attending storage unit auctions is a learning experience. No matter how much you read or see TV shows about them not everything about the auctions are covered. You simply have to attend a few storage auctions to get a better understanding. These events aren’t for everyone no matter how appealing written articles and television shows make them out to be.

The actual process of finding auctions, attending auctions, bidding on units, cleaning out the units, transporting the contents home, sorting thru the contents,  selling the good items and tossing out the trash and junk is definitely hard and dirty work.

You will find that you may have all kinds of filth to contend with. Spiders and spider webs, mice and rat droppings, bugs and creepy crawlers, soiled diapers, and dirty clothing as well as large amounts of dust and dirt. If you are not ready and willing to contend with this type of filth, then storage auctions are not for you.

With all this in mind it is best to bring a few sanitary items along with you to the storage auctions where you intend on bidding. These items should include work gloves, safety goggles, coveralls, dust masks, large trash bags, hand cleaner and a roll of paper towels. It also is not a bad idea to take a square end shovel alone. This could come in handy in the event you come across one of those mice or rats that left the dropping for you.

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Elaine and Rick said...

life is all about experience isn't it...thanks for sharing-good luck at the next auction :)