Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Refrigerator

Today our old refrigerator decided it had worked long enough (20 years). Time for a new one. Not wanting to fork out over $1,500 for a new Dometic brand that would fit smug into to same space as the old one we chose a Frigidaire Compact Refrigerator. The total cost was $299.75 and took about 30 minutes to change them out.

We know we will never boondock or setup anywhere there is no electric service so there is no real reason to purchase a two or three way refrigerator. We were not using the full 7 cubic feet of space in the old one and all our items fit nicely in the compact 4.4 cubic feet refrigerator.


Monday, February 8, 2010

It’s Always Something

Hi, James here. Yesterday our WiFi connection was extremely slow and was dropping packets at a rate of 52%. Not being able to do anything online I decided to remove some of the programs from my computer that I no longer use. My computer is several years old with Windows XP Professional Edition and with all the clutter it had it would take 1 day and 3 hours to back it all up using the Windows Backup utility.

I decided to remove my hard drive and use Beverly’s computer to format mine as a slave drive. Then I put my hard drive back into my computer and installed a clean Windows XP Professional Edition operation system. Simple right! I have done this very thing several times throughout the years.

All went well at first. Moving my hard drive from one computer to another and back took only minutes if you don’t count the time it took for the formatting process. Installing Windows XP Pro was a snap as well. Then loading the few programs that I use either daily or weekly went smooth too. Wow I’m done and I have time to watch one of our 680 movies from our D: drive before supper.

What the hay!!! Why does the movie look mosaic! Pixeled edges and not smooth? Better check the system hardware in the Control Panel. What no Video Controller? Ok, off to the internet to find video drivers, but remember the WiFi connection is still dropping packets which knocks me off line within minutes.

It’s 4:30 something in the am, I’m tired from messing with this computer for the past 17 hours. So off to bed for a few hours sleep.

It took all my energy not to boot up as soon as I woke. Beverly went with me to town for a few grocery needs and she fixed lunch when we got home. I was back working on the computer shortly after noon. Still downloading and trying new drivers.

Most of you know about our big screen TV so I won’t go into that right now. Well anyway while downloading I happen to turn my attention to what Rick Sanchezs on CNN was saying. Something about Twitter and he pointed to a big screen TV and that is where the answer came from. I have a Y cable connecting my computer to both the monitor and TV. No wonder the computer couldn’t find the right drivers. So I removed the Y cable and connected the monitor straight to the computer. The monitor screen was fuzzy so I rebooted and found I had no picture. I remembered that during my quest for drivers I installed a different video Bios so here I go again with another full reformatting and installing Windows XP again.

Two hours later I’m watching that movie I started to watch yesterday.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Happens When Snow Melts

When snow melts more snow comes along to replace it as did yesterday. Heavy snow at times throughout the day along with light rain. The dumpsters appear to have about two inches of snow on top however this does not account for when the park manager removed over two inches of snow off the tops around 2:00 pm yesterday.RV 023 During one of the RV chat secessions this week the idea of selling our snow to areas of Canada that have none came up. Although it seemed to be a great idea the fact that snow melts brought up yet another issue, State water rights in which New Mexico would fight to the death over any loss of the byproduct of melting snow.