Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Happens When Snow Melts

When snow melts more snow comes along to replace it as did yesterday. Heavy snow at times throughout the day along with light rain. The dumpsters appear to have about two inches of snow on top however this does not account for when the park manager removed over two inches of snow off the tops around 2:00 pm yesterday.RV 023 During one of the RV chat secessions this week the idea of selling our snow to areas of Canada that have none came up. Although it seemed to be a great idea the fact that snow melts brought up yet another issue, State water rights in which New Mexico would fight to the death over any loss of the byproduct of melting snow.


ANT-zee said...

So, be really honest. How are you liking the snow...? hehe... Stay strong, it will be spring soon!!!

RV Roof Repair said...

Honestly its the worst time for me coz i can't do anything. I have to give all my attention to my house coz the roofs are not in good condition. I have to repair my roofs every season.

JB said...

Well besides the fact that it may be hard to get an export permit from New Mexico I think there are anti dumping provisions in the Free Trade Treaty that may prohibit you from bringing snow across the Medicine Line into Canada. We have enough of our own here.