Friday, July 9, 2010

Engine Water Pump Installed

Our 1990 Georgie Boy Motor Home has a Ford 460 engine and was in need of a new water pump. After several months of trying to find a mechanic that would come to the RV park and work on our RV we all but gave up. James decided to pull the water pump out his self and with an ear infection to boot. His biggest fear was breaking a bolt off in the process. He managed to remove the bad pump without too much trouble.

James spent another two weeks trying to get a mechanic to install the pump. Five different mechanics told James they would be happy to install the water pump, however none of them would show up as promised. Guess they didn’t need any extra income.

Yesterday afternoon at 3:30 pm James got a call from one of the mechanics asking him if the water pump still needed to be installed. The mechanic said he would be here in thirty minutes and actually showed up right at 4:00 pm. The job was finished just before 9:00 pm.

Our Motor Home is now mechanically road ready and September is looking good for our departure from NM.