Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not Such a Busy Day

Prospects today was for 26 storage unit auctions spread over six locations however by days end there were two locations with a total of five units. All others were canceled at the last moment for one reason or another.

The first storage facility auction we attended was at 10:00am and was to be six storage units which ended up being only one 5 x 8 storage unit. From the door we could see a queen size mattress, a fold up bed frame for the mattress, a huge (and we do mean huge) TV, a washer, an exercise bike, a few old boxes and some clothes laying on top of the boxes. This unit sold for $480 and the buyer has 48 hours to clear it out a job that would take them less than an hour.

The next and last storage facility auction was at 11:00am. This location was to have five storage units up for auction and ended up with just four units.

First up was a 10 x 10 storage unit. We were advised that this unit contained “Junk” according to the manager. The contents were a dresser made of particleboard, the drawers for it were stacked on top of an entertainment center also made of particleboard, a small what-not shelf and a baby swing that all. This unit sold for $180.

Next up for auction another 10 x 10 storage unit. This unit contained a queen size mattress and box springs, a free standing kitchen storage cabinet , a dusty torn suit case, about 12 boxes, several bulging black trash bags, a microwave, head and foot boards for what looked to be queen size, a child’s doll stroller and a plastic set of shelves. This unit sold for $365.

Next up for auction an 8 x 10 storage unit. This unit contained what looked like a nice table which had several items on it as if it were being used. Things like File folders, a cup with pencils and pens, an open case showing a video camera, a small CD holder with a few CDs in it, A baby stroller, a folding chair, 4 boxes and one bulging trash bag. This unit sold for $295.

Last up for auction was another 10 x 10 storage unit. This unit had what looked to be the best contents. A dish washer, large microwave, 10 or 12 speed mountain bike, folding camp cot, large rocking chair, several boxes, two nice suit cases, a vacuum cleaner and a set of end tables. This unit sold for $390. 

As you may have already guessed, we did not place a single bid today.

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Elaine and Rick said...

wow busy day...I can't believe the junk one going for $180 someone wanted junk bad...the best sounding one was the 8x10 and the last one...ya shulda had a big YEPPPP in there somewhere :) thanks for the interesting blog...I love hearing what was in there :)