Friday, November 25, 2011

Readers Requested an Update

Wow has it been that long? Time flies when you get up there in age!

We are in the same RV Park that we landed in back in September of 2010. Although we have looked at many others none compare to this location for our needs and wants.

Due to our health we stay at home a lot so there hasn’t been much to write about. We did however start a new endeavor. We entered the world of “Storage Wars”. How exciting is that?

I know you are saying, “How could we enter the world of Storage Wars while living in an RV”! The answer is easy, we manage. We rented a storage unit about a mile from our camp site. When we are able to win a storage unit at auctions we load up and bring the stuff (JUNK mostly) to our storage unit. Then we sort thru it and sell what we can in hopes of making a profit. I must say that this endeavor is not for everyone. It takes a lot of risk and hard work. There are no WOW items as seen on several TV shows in real day to day storage unit auctions. There may be an item that was overlooked before the auction however this is really rare.

Selling the good items found in storage units is not a hard as disposing of the trash and junk items. You can put trash and junk in trash bins at the storage facilities, however this would get you a stiff fine or even some time spent in jail. Dumping at storage facilities is just not allowed. We could transport the trash and junk to a local landfill but there is additional cost involved. Our solution was to find someone that would take the junk and trash off our hands at no cost to us. In turn we have such a person now that we can call before the trash and junk reaches our own storage unit. How cool is that?

The following photos shows the recent pile of what we call junk. Items that were in need of some type of repairs. Easy fixes for someone that wanted to fool with these things. Also boxes and bags of miscellaneous items as well as the trash. “Good ole Charlie” answered our craigslist ad for free stuff and came and got it all today and said he would be more than happy to take what we did not want to keep, trash, junk or whatever. He’s on speed dial now.

Locker 001Locker 002 Locker 003


The Good Luck Duck said...

It sounds like a lot of fun, actually. Do you get to peruse the contents, or is it a grab-bag?

I follow another RVer who does this same thing. Very interesting.


P.S. Thanks for having your word verification on the same page as the comments!

Jim and Dee said...

Good to see an update. The Storage selling seems the way to go for some people.

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Great to see you blogging again.

Now you have 'Ole Charlie" as a garbage disposal, things should be easier.
Happy Bidding, Penny, TX

Elaine said...

great to see you blogging again!!! happy bidding