Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Emptying Our Own Storage Unit

Hopefully by days end we will have our own storage unit emptied out. All that’s let in it is a coffee table and two end tables. We received a call last night from a lady wanting to purchase them.coffeetables They were listed on craigslist for over a week, however when we reposted them yesterday evening we received a call within an hour.

As some of our readers know we had to replace both of our computers this month. On one the motherboard went out and on the other the hard drive died. Today before lunch we took the hard drive out of the one that the motherboard was bad in and put it into the other. We reformatted the drive and installed Windows XP Pro. Then we placed an ad on craigslist and received a call for it within 20 minutes. The guy will be here in an hour to purchase it. puter 001


More Storage War tips:

(7) If you see something of interest inside a storage unit keep your mouth shut and listen to the chattering. Others may or may not have seem the same thing. What you want to listen for is if others are talking the contents up or down. These are your competitors if you plan to bid on the storage unit. They want to “Low Ball” the unit and in most cases they can be easily out bid.

(8) Put on your “Poker Face”. It’s hard to tell what a person is going to do if they give no indication whether they intend to bid or not. Keep your intentions to yourself until you are ready to place your bid.

(9) You found a unit you really like. This takes patients on your part when the bidding starts. Before you place your bid wait until all the bids stall then yell out. At this point the bidding will most likely be between you and one other person. You then have a 50% chance of winning the bidding.

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Elaine said...

nice coffee table and end tables...you can be "dave" mr..YIPPPPPPPPP lol