Monday, November 28, 2011

Storage Auction

We attended a storage auction today. Prospects for this auction seemed good when we left home. Windy, light rain, temperature in the low 40’s and all units being auctioned off would be outside in the elements. Like us you would think this would mean a small turnout for the auction.

The storage auction had advertized 16 units would be up for auction today. At 8:30am we arrived to find that there would be 12 units being auctioned. At 9:00am the instructions were given by the auctioneer and the number of units actually up for auction were 11. Yes someone came in and paid for a unit at the very last minute.

Back to the “Prospects seemed good”, not so. Over 100 people showed up in this nasty weather to try and win bids on the storage units. Just as expected from the size of the crowd bidding went right thru the roof. $50 value units were going for $180 and up. One unit that was 10x5 and full of boxes went for a staggering $1,100 followed by a unit with half as much content went for a whopping $875.

We would have loved to be able to take photos of the lockers as well as the crowd that turned out however that if not allow. Something about “Right to Privacy” laws prevents us from documenting the events using a camera. Of course once you own the storage unit contents you are free to click away as much as you want, as long as no one outside of your party is in the photos.

We didn’t come home empty handed because we still had our cash in our pockets. We hope for better luck next time. Maybe today’s winners have spent all they had for the month.

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Elaine said...

well good for you..sounds like you made a wise choice during the bidding to take a step back...ya just gotta know when to hold em right? looking forward to your next auction :)