Monday, December 26, 2011

Quiet Christmas

This truly was a quiet Christmas for us. Not one firecracker was heard in our area. This is something we have never experienced in all our years together. Also we were concerned that maybe the end of the world was upon us as there were no lights on at any of the RV’s parked in this campground the past two night other than our own lights. It was as if we were given the blessing of tranquility which in a way was a bit spooky.

Our Christmas time was spent right here at home in our RV. No trips to town and no reason to venture out beyond our door. This in it’s self is a real blessing to us. Not having to deal with the hustle and bustle of shopping or all the traffic, how cool is that! 

We hope all our fans had a wonderful Christmas this year and received blessings beyond their expectations.

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Elaine and Rick said...

Merry Christmas to you And sure wasn't a quiet one here...we've been running non we started to finish up the MH loading and it is now 11pm and we just finished..who knew your last minute things to load were so many ughh....take care all the best in 2012-we are off tomorrow