Thursday, January 19, 2012

Storage Unit With Some WOW!!

Today was our first storage auction unit with a real WOW factor. Below is what we were able to see before the bidding started.unit12 001unit12 002What caught our eyes were the plastic storage containers, the lack of furniture and the shoes. These were very good signs that this was the locker we would want. All kinds of ideas came to mind as to just what could be hiding in those containers. Cloths, knick-knacks, dishes, toys and the list could go on forever.

Quick look before we called it a day and came home. We found 14 pairs of almost new Nike shoes, three pairs were Air Jordans. Three new designer wallets, a Coach, a Christian Dior and a Prada. Dozens and dozens of movie DVDs, Music CDs, Play Station and computer games.

Also in this storage unit are military uniforms, ammo pouches, a bullet proof vest, gas mask, holsters, empty ammo clips, a tank helmet, a 70 pound backpack and three duffel bags.

We won this storage unit for $375 which was a steal for what we found however for what we could see during the bidding we thought we were over bidding. We sure are glad the other bidders felt the same way and didn’t run the bid up any higher.

Just counting the Nike shoes and the three designer wallets we see those items bringing in over $1,200.


Jim and Dee said...

That's quite a find! congrats.

Elaine said...

woooo hoooo way to go on the 'wow' factor locker...would love to see a picture of the designer wallets :)

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

You never know what people have treasured enough to store.
This unit was a good find for you.
Happy Bidding, Penny, TX

154275 said...

Nice clean stuff. That's a change from what we often see. Good job.