Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cold Weather Makes Me Want to Pee

Winter is upon us. The days are getting colder and this means we have to bundle up when attending storage auctions. We also need to take a thermos along with hot coffee which helps break the chill. Ok, bundled up, hot coffee, cold weather, we think you came guess where this is leading. Did we mention in some cases there is no facility on the property in which to relieve yourself.

Thru the winter months we will continue to attend storage auctions however our intent will not be to purchase any units. We are more curious as to how “Auction Hunters”, “Storage Wars L.A.” and the new show  “Storage Wars Texas” will effect the bidding process at our local level thru the winter months.

Over the past few months we have seen an increase in the number of people attending our local storage auctions due to the viewing of the fore mentioned TV shows. Far too many are mislead thinking there is fast and easy money to be made. It doesn’t take long at all for those that have the idea of fast and easy money to go broke or become quickly discouraged.

Although our intent over the winter months is not to bid and purchase any storage units we will have the funds on our person in the event a great unit arises.

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Elaine and Rick said...

and I'm sure some great lockers will arise :) take care