Thursday, November 19, 2009


Getting ready for cold weather entails making sure your black water tank, gray water and fresh water inlet are protected from freezing.

Our RV has a compartment that is quite small however we did find a way to keep the temperature above freezing without placing so much heat in the area that would cause the holding tanks to melt. We used a small shop light with a 40 watt bulb. If the temperature drops below the heating effect of the 40 watt bulb we can replace it with a 60 watt or even larger watt bulb.


RV 015

We also placed a thermometer in the bay so we can keep track of how well our heating bulb is doing. Next we wrapped our water line with low a wattage heat tape, placed insulation around the line and tapped over the insulation.


RV 016

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Rick and Paulette said...

That's a great setup you have there for heating the tanks and the water hose!