Friday, November 6, 2009

Considering an RV Life Change?

Are you considering changing your life style to become a full time RV dweller? There are many ideas about the RV life styles. Some have the desire to travel from place to place site seeing the country. Some have the desire to stay in one place long term. Then there are some that are drawn to the idea of the option to come and go as they please.

RV’s come in many shapes and sizes, tow trailers, 5th wheel trailers, motor homes, vans and so forth. Each has their own degree of comfort and amenities. This also holds true to the many different kinds of RV Parks and campgrounds that are dotted throughout the country, be it the United States, Canada or Mexico.

An RV regardless of it’s type or size has limited living space as well as limited storage areas. This brings to mind the pioneer days that our countries were built from. Small one room dwellings to escape the elements. Is that the real factor that draws us to downsize our home environment. Sort of roughing it one might think.

Although living full time in an RV seems simplistic it by no means is less difficult than what may be left behind. Adjustments must be made as to how you once managed your living. This may include your cooking habits, shopping habits, and entertaining friends and family.

For some people once the idea of living full time in an RV strikes them they jump right in. For others it may take years of planning before making the life change. Some even resort to renting an RV to try out the life style first. Each person has their own period of adjusting to the idea for such a life change.

For us the desire to live full time in an RV started out as a dream. A dream of exploring all the areas of the United States that we have so long wanted to visit. Through chains of events we were forced into our full time RV living in order to survive within our income range. Having the idea of living in an RV already planted in our minds helped us to adapt to this life style change with more ease. At the time we had two options, either move into an apartment or purchase an RV and move into it. We chose the RV and are enjoying it more than we could have imagined.  


Rick and Paulette said...

Good blog, James, well thought out with a lot of great advice.

JA-Texas said...

Rick, that looks like my little truck which we tow everywhere...without the snow however.. :)

Thanks for the Blog link and we will see ya' in the chat room and perhaps someplace along the road.

Jun said...

It's been an idea on my mind recently to buy and RV and just live camp spot to camp spot. So after reading this I am inspired. ttp://