Thursday, October 15, 2009


We spent the morning washing the drivers side of our RV. It didn’t seen to do much good other than remove the top layer of dirt and grit.

RV 007There is so much crazing that we think we may have to use a fine grit sand paper to get the dark lines out. We will do some research before we attempt any sanding. The decals will have to remain crazed unless we decide to replace them.   

Later today if the wind doesn’t pick up we may wash the other side. We will wait a while before we apply wax. If it turns out that we can sand off the crazing then after sanding would be the time to put on the wax.

The front and back of the RV doesn’t have any crazing.


Rick and Paulette said...

What causes that crazing do you think? Is it the sun, or wind? Just curious?

James & Beverly said...

Rick, I think the crazing was due to the RV not being maintained correctly. The crazing is on both sides and not the front or back leaving me to believe the RV was facing either north or south for many years without any UV protective coating.