Saturday, October 10, 2009

Interesting RV Chat

Last night while searching Google for similar full time RV blogs we ran across an interesting web site that contains an RV chat. The site is , which not only has a live chat, it has over 130 pages packed full of information.

We decided to check out this new found RV chat room and met several wonderful people that are either RV-ers or want to be RV-ers. Some were full time and some were weekenders. Either way all had an interest in RV-ing. We enjoyed the chat room very much and plan to be regular visitors

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful means for RV lovers to gather and communicate in a live chat environment.


Arlene said...

It was great meeting you in the chat room. I hope you will return frequently. It is full of really great and knowledgable people..

Mark and Dortha said...

It was nice talking with you in the chat room tonight. Welcome to the world of fulltiming.

Great blog.