Monday, March 12, 2012

Storage unit F-29

Storage unit F-29 purchased at auction on February 23, 2012 for $250 had the following items within it’s contents.

James Dean collectibles in the following: Framed photographs, jigsaw puzzle, deck of playing cards, shot glass, 1/18 scale model 1949 Mercury Coup, 12” action figure doll, collector plate, large serving tray, 3D framed poster, movie collections in VHFs and DVDs.

50 Star Wars action figures

Movie collector cards for, Indiana Jones series, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

75 DVD movies all all kinds.

200+ VHF movies of all kinds.

20” Leg Lamp like in “The Christmas Story”.

An antique iron bed with head, foot, rails and slats.

A Lava Lamp.

An antique Drop Leaf dining table

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Jim and Dee said...

That's a lot of stuff. Thanks for posting.

Elaine said...

Now your hitting the wow factor..that should net a good haul :)

BamaGurl said...

That's neat. We watch the show on tv all the time. How did u get started doing this? And how do u dispose of the stuff? Do u have a store where u can sell it? Looks like it would be fun.

Jim and Judy said...

On "storage Wars" we know the winning bid? Any chance....? Congrats on your unit.