Sunday, January 30, 2011

A New Microwave

We have been living the last 18 months without a microwave oven. It’s not that we didn’t want one, we just didn’t have any room for a microwave oven of any size. Our main use would be for baking potatoes quickly and popping popcorn.

To acquire the necessary room for placement of a microwave we removed the passenger seat in the RV and placed a small table in it’s place. This gave us the room for a medium size microwave oven.

microwave 005Being the fact that our motor home is over 20 years old it will not effect it’s value not having a passenger seat. When we are ready to sell this RV we will sell it as a hunting or deer camp unit.  

1 comment:

John and Ellen said...

The microwave seems like a good addition. As for the age of your motorhome, it sure looks like it is well taken care of.