Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dark and Rainy Day

The title says it all, dark and rainy today. This translates into a lazy day filled with television, internet activities and napping

We both have the vice of smoking. The cost of smoking continues to climb every year so to cut the cost we decided to start making our own cigarettes. We buy tobacco by the pound and filtered cigarette tubes by the carton then use a small device to cram the tobacco into the tubes. Cost of our brand of ready made  cigarettes is $36.37 a carton. When we make our own cigarettes the cost drops to a whopping $8.22 per carton.

                                   The Tobacco we usebacco                               The Filtered Tubes we useTUBES                             The Cigarette Machine we useTOP

Before you start in on the rants and dislikes of smoking take a moment to understand that we are adults. Our choice to smoke is just that “Our Choice”, not yours!  Our liberties to smoke in privately owned establishments such as bars and restaurants have already been stripped from us. As tax payers we can no longer smoke in government buildings although high ranking officials right up to the president of these united states can and do so. We are not uneducated so we know the so called risks involved even though none have been medically proven.  

Our intent within this post is that for those that do smoke there is a way to cut the cost.


Doyle and Terri Johnson said...

We use American Spirit Tobacco and roll our own also. We don't smoke much, but we enjoy it and have no plans to quit at this time.
Roll your own is the only way to go!

DearMissMermaid said...

I've decided I can't be perfect anymore. I've quit smoking 100 times and started back 101 times.

When folks criticize me for smoking, I sometimes politely remind them that I am not picking them apart for their imperfections...

THANKS for the great tip. I should try rolling my own and save some money too.