Sunday, October 31, 2010

Satellite TV

Cypress Hill RV Park does not offer cable television connections for their campsites. This is due to the fact the RV Park sets along the De soto National Forrest on highway 49. The cable and telephone service stops 3 miles from the RV Park. The owner has done everything within his power to encourage the cable companies to extent cable to Cypress Hill RV Park however they will not comply.

We chose to purchase a satellite television service to meet our needs. Local channels were too few with fairly bad reception. We decided to get Dish network and had the dish installed on a tripod so in the event we relocate it would be easy to pack up and move it with us.

rrr 002

The campsites here at Cypress Hill RV Park are quite large as you can see in the photos.

rrr 003   Each of the back in sites has a concrete patio and some sites like ours has a fire ring.


Jim and Dee said...

Good idea with the Dish Network. I hope it's working ok for you.

Levonne said...

John and I have Dish also and it is meeting our needs.

Anonymous said...

Hey James and Beverly,
Howard told me about Roku. He said with Roku (kinda like TIVo)and Netflix he cut his cable bill down way low and there is no montly fee other than Net Flix.
I ordered one and will be ready to try it out after Christmas.
Hope you all are doing fine.
Merry Christmas

Annette and Brandon