Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another day of repairs

This morning when we turned on the AC in our living room it ran for about a minute then kicked the breaker. Ok this means another day of repairs.

We called “The RV Doctor” for help. He arrived around 12:30 pm and inspected the AC unit that was failing. Sure enough we needed a new AC unit in our living room. He didn’t have any AC units on hand and refused to even help install a new one if we were to buy it elsewhere.

We call a local RV sales and service company “Bison’s RV” and they said if we could get our motor home there by 2:30 pm they could install a new AC unit today. We scrambled to get things tied down and stored as we haven’t moved our MH in over a year. We arrived at the RV service place at 1:30 pm.

Being the fact that both our AC units were over 20 years old we elected to replace both with brand new units. This took a huge bite out of our savings however it seems worth it to have both AC’s replaced at the same time.

They were able to remove the old AC units and install the new AC units in one hour and thirty minutes and tapping our wallet a whopping $1,659.47. They were nice enough not to charge us the disposal charge of $40 per AC unit and we thanked them for that.


Levonne said...

Whoa! That was a whopper.

Pidge said...

Nice Rv. I just started reading your blog and looking forward to next post.

B.W. and Carol said...

Good luck with the new A/C's. You can't complain about the ones lasting 20 yrs. I'd say that was pretty good. Was that price for the a/c's and labor? Seems like there is always something to fix on these RV's. Driving & bouncing down the road 60+ mph, things will go wrong.

James & Beverly said...

The price included the labor. The rig they used made the removal and installation of the A/C's in such a way they did not have to step foot on top of our RV. We thought that was kind of cool.