Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Okatoma Here We Come!

Okatoma Resort & RV Park located a few miles North of Hattiesburg MS will be our new location in September 2010 for an undetermined amount of time. Okatoma Resort & RV Park will have us living within minutes from where we both grew up.

We came to the conclusion that New Mexico has given us as much cold and hot weather as we can stand. We are getting old and require less sudden changes in temperatures which can be quite dramatic here at times. The wind is another factor that we have grown tired of, as well as the dust storms that come with the extreme winds.

This doesn’t mean that we have not enjoyed the past 11 years while living here in NM. We will miss the beautiful sun rises and sun sets in this big sky area of the state. We will miss the beauty of the plateaus, grass lands, mountain ranges and all the other enchantments NM has to offer.


Levonne said...

James and Beverly, Sounds like big changes. I hope that MS is better weatherwise on your RV adventure. Good luck to you.

Margie M. said...

It's always good to move on from time to time and check out a new location. Of course, MS isn't real new since you said you grew up near where you are going. Still, maybe you can see some new parts of MS while you are there.

Enjoy your time there, no matter what you do!

Liquid Roof said...

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