Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Blast of Cold

... Arctic cold front to impact New Mexico on Wednesday and

A bitterly cold Arctic air mass... currently in Saskatchewan and
Manitoba Canada... will gradually slide southward and will bring
colder conditions to much of New Mexico by mid week. This air mass
will bring some of the coldest temperatures observed thus far this
season in the eastern half of the state... along with low wind
chill values... and light to moderate snow accumulations.
The cold front will initially spill into northeastern New Mexico by
mid to late morning Wednesday... and will rapidly advance southward
and westward to the Central Mountain chain. Strong and gusty winds
will accompany the frontal passage where occasional gusts up to 40
and 50 mph will be possible. Light to moderate snowfall is also
expected along and behind the front... and therefore some areas of
blowing snow will develop Wednesday afternoon and into Wednesday
night. In addition... low wind chill values ranging from the single
digits to -10 degrees will be possible in north central to
northeastern sections of the state where the impact of the front will
be greatest.

Less impact is expected in central to western sections of New
Mexico. However... as the front advances toward the Central Mountain chain..  some modified cold air and strong winds will likely spill into central canyons and gaps on its way to the Continental Divide. Below normal temperatures and isolated light snow showers will be possible in these areas.

If you plan to be outdoors or travel across New Mexico from Wednesday through Thursday... prepare for blustery conditions. Tune in to NOAA Weather Radio... local media outlets... or the National Weather Service website at weather.Gov/abq for the latest on this upcoming frontal


Tango said...

Isn't that kind of unusual for New Mexico?
How's your roof?

James & Beverly said...

Tango, we are going to have to wait until this cold weather goes by before we can do any temporary repairs on the roof.

ANT-zee said...

Yikes, I lived in Saskatchewan for 13 years. You DO NOT want anything to do with their winter weather... Stay warm!

Tango said...

I hear you and I hope that you won't have much damage. I'm kind of waiting for it to get above freezing for a whole day to dump my black tank. I put in 4 gallons of antifreeze and hope that it will be okay.

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Wow - I grew up in Santa Fe and have been to Clovis a few times. Seems like the Artic weather has made it colder that usual for the east coast as well as eastern New Mexico.

Stay warm!